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About Us

Why you should let us find your next Vehicle!

When was the last time you bought a car and wondered if you paid too much or whether you got as much money as possible for the car you traded in?

The reason it's hard to get the straight answers at a dealership is that everyone involved in the process of selling or leasing you a car works on a commission basis. That means that the more money they get from you, the more they keep.

When you call or email Find A Car Canada, we will quote you the bottom line including finance or lease payments and your total upfront costs before you have to make a decision to go ahead with the deal. We negotiate on your behalf and will save you money, time and aggravation. This is how we work:
  1. Provide us with the Year, Make, Model and even the MSRP of the vehicle you want. Be as precise as you can be.

  2. A representative from Find a Car will return your call or email within 2 working days to confirm your exact vehicle.

  3. Give us the GO AHEAD and we will

    • Locate and Secure your vehicle from one of our many suppliers.
    • Be available to you throughout the process and answer any questions that may arise.
    • Make certain there are no additional fees added to your cost.
    • If you have a vehicle you want to sell or trade Find A Car will send an appraiser to your office or home to appraise your trade. We shop your trade to the highest bidder and apply the highest trade value towards the purchase of your new vehicle to save you applicable taxes. You drop off your trade at the dealership when you pick up your new vehicle and we look after the rest. *
*We will appraise your vehicle within a 50 kilometer radius of Downtown Toronto. A $50 used car appraisal fee applies and is refunded if you purchase or lease a vehicle from one of our recommended dealers. If you want to sell your vehicle only, we guarantee our bid for 30 days or can advise you on how to sell it privately to put more $ in your pocket.